Recording both processes and feelings, Ta'Yali deliberately includes emotional valuing.

Their practice is a means to personally develop.

A smartphone screenshot taken at 11:53PM with 2% battery left of a note saying " Revelations on the tube: Gradation is process. It is the movement from one state into another. It is the inbetween. It is what my process is about. It is process. "
A screenshot of a search in the Royal College of Art Online Library Catalogue at 12:29AM with earphones connected, a voice message notification, on silent, connected to wifi and 34% battery left. 13 results found for the keyword metallurgy: A history of metallurgy, Introduction to precious metals: metallurgy for jewelers and silversmiths, Elements of ceramics, Minerals and metallurgical processing are visible search results.
A double page of a sketchbook with a lot of numbers alone, in equasions or in sequences under the heading construction - wild numbers
A double page of a sketchbook. On the lower righthand corner there is a sketch of a square-grid with an arrow connecting the end of one row to it's own beginning. A comment says " connects to itself, the same row ". Next to that is a square grid diagonally tilted with an arrow going from the end of one row to the beginning of the next row. A comment says " rhomb grid: continues in the next row ". Above the two sketches is a drawing of a spiral with the comment " Rauten-Raster, rhomb-grids are like 2D spirals. Every row and column is connected. Ich blicke nicht durch. " On the left page of the sketchbook a comment pointing to the page described above " that's also how I work. In spirals, not linear. Things from my past keep coming up - in my life, in my work. "